"So caring, very efficient and sincere personality with a true passion for her profession! Thank you Doctor Annie for the wonderful, caring sessions. Thank you so much for guiding me after each physio sessions. Keep up the excellent work!"

Hafsa Quadri

"Very dedicated. Got some session for my back after an accident. It was very helpful. Annie is polite and reassuring."

Sabu Augustine

"I had severe back pain for months. I had a treatment session by Dr. Annie . She was able to diagnose the root cause of the pain and treat it effectively. My pain reduced to a great extent. Dr. Annie recommended exercises to avoid the pain from recurring and to maintain the strength . She is very experienced and is exceptionally good. I highly recommend her services. "

Ammu Maliackal

"My husband had chronic back pain due to continuous two wheeler use. We consulted Dr. Annie and took treatment. His back pain gradually reduced and now is completely gone. The exercise she suggested was immensely helpful. Annie is highly professional but genuinely cares for the patient. We are planning to consult Annie for our parents for their age related aches and pains."


"Annie is a very dedicated physiotherapist and a very good one.,Very Friendly and empathetic. Helped me with the exercise and therapy for my frozen shoulder. Wishing Annie the very best. "

Navya Subbaiah

"Annie is a great physio, she helped me with backpain during my mid semester. Demonstrated exercises and She checked on how I was doing reguraly.. that’s great Annie..I highly recommend you.."