Ropheka Core Physio

About Us

The vision of Ropheka Core Physio is to provide quality treatment and prevent recurrence of injuries. We believe in restoration and healing.

We are Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center focused in restoring function and alleviating pain using evidence based practice. We try to incorporate the latest treatment tools and techniques which give a better result with a shorter recovery time.

We believe that Physiotherapy is more than just fixing an injury; we want to empower our clients. Our therapists share their knowledge so that you have a better understanding of your recovery process as well as prevention education so that you can continue to do the things that want to be able to do. We look forward to meeting you!

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We take the time to get to know you, get to know your goals and understand how we can help. We focus on your personal goals, and the most important parts of your life that have been affected by your current injury.

Throughout your entire time with us, you will receive one-on-one attention from a Registered Physiotherapist, no assistants. We want you to feel valued, and most importantly we want you to feel heard.

we can help you with all kinds of injuries including back pain, neck pain, muscle strains, ligament sprains and tendon pains; and we’re great with post-op rehabilitation. Through our holistic approach we will tailor our treatments to your individual goals and specific requirements, working with you to optimise your recovery and prevent recurrence.

Our Philosophy

Ropheka Physiotherapy believes in evidence-based, results-driven practice. Our patient-first approach is reflected in the care we provide, and the service we deliver.